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Web design - a much broader concept than just a beautiful design of the site. This is an effective marketing tool and a convenient method of communication with customers. If you want to promote your business online, good website design is essential.

It is an attractive design that half creates a successful website. And this applies not only to the visual appeal of the picture. It should be convenient for the visitor to use your resource.

I would also like to say that the creation of a colorful and attractive site is not enough for a large number of customers to come to your site.
We suggest that you do SEO - promotion of your siteso that your site is in the TOP of search engines.

Creating a website design includes several important steps:

  • Collection of information about products and trends and their analysis (trendspotting)
  • Creation of a prototype. A web resource designer or architect creates a basic model of a future resource. This is the basis for further development. The model must fully comply with the functionality of the site.
  • Based on the prototype, options for the future site are created.
  • The very process of creation. It is based on a customer-approved option and includes the creation of unique pages for the resource.

Design solutions

For a website to be successful, you need to create an individual website design, as standard and cheap templates cannot cope with this task. After all, it is high-quality design that draws attention to the site, and meets all the requirements set out in the terms of reference. Website should correspond not only to the corporate style of the resource, but also be interesting for the target audience, correspond to navigation, monitor resolution and not violate the usability. To create an individual design, you can take the style of a corporate site as a basis. In our web studio The cost of the site design service is formed depending on the requirements and wishes of the client.

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