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Creation of high-quality sites

Hard work, the result of which helps to solve many problems. The process of creating a site in Sumy includes several stages. Each of them should be carried out with the highest quality, since the final result of the work will depend on this. Often the creation of a site is accompanied by its further maintenance and promotion on the Web. We create websites Turnkey site, and the work is done by the best professionals who can create both a business card website and a corporate portal. Preparation of marketing and technical specifications. 

Turnkey site

The first step in creating a turnkey website is quality preparation. In order for the concept of a resource to be correct, one must first determine what purpose it will serve. Our specialists will formulate the main tasks of the website and the requirements for its content. Next, they will conduct a marketing analysis of the target audience on the Internet, and on the basis of the data obtained, they will form the concept of the site. It is at this stage that the basic requirements for design, the structure of the resource, its navigation, the type of management system and hosting for work are formulated. For example, when creating a portal, marketing research is not carried out, and the work begins with the formation of a technical task.

Design solutions

For a website to be successful, you need to create an individual website design, as standard and cheap templates cannot cope with this task. After all, it is high-quality design that draws attention to the site, and meets all the requirements set out in the terms of reference. Web site design should correspond not only to the corporate style of the resource, but also be interesting for the target audience, correspond to navigation, monitor resolution and not violate the usability. To create an individual design, you can take the style of a corporate site as a basis. In our web studio The cost of the site design service is formed depending on the requirements and wishes of the client.

Website testing

It is the testing process that is considered one of the most important for creating a quality website. The finished resource is placed on a technological server in order to check how efficient the website is, whether its design turned out to be successful and whether all its programs function normally.

тестирование сайта сумы, киев

Website hosting

The finished site is placed at the address of the hosting company. The success of its work directly depends on the quality of the site where it will be placed. Although there are inexpensive, but very high quality hosting.

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